Application of the Data Protection Regulation(GDPR):

Something Håmex Hårdmetallverktyg AB is already actively working on!

The new European framework for personal data protection (Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) comes into force today in all EU countries.


The main purpose of the new regulation is partly to strengthen the protection of personal data for customers / consumers, employees and suppliers. As well as being able to hold holders of this type of information liable for any breaches. It also creates a uniform level within the EU for both protection and punishment for possible violations.


At Håmex Hårdmetallverktyg AB, it has always been an important part of our core values ​​to protect your personal data. Therefore, most of the requirements this regulation places are already established for several years.


The main challenge Håmex Harddmetallverktyg AB is facing is therefore to strengthen the already existing internal processes and to integrate the new conditions into our data policy.


Håmex Hårdmetallverktyg AB is working actively to implement all necessary measures to ensure that your personal data is used in a transparent and secure way, in line with the new regulation.

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