Request for Proposal

Please come with an inquiry, we will handle the matter and send you a quote by arrangement. Request sends to info@hamex.se


After we receive orders via telephone and / or mail, we plan production and send you an order acknowledgment. Order sends to info@hamex.se


Manufacture takes place according to agreed specifications. There may be special customer requirements or manufacturing according to ISO standard.

Quality control

The product is verified according to the specifications or samples for larger series if agreed.


The product is packed in shock-absorbing packaging, if the customer wants plastic-free packaging can be arranged. Anti-corrosion paper is always used.


Carrier is selected according to customer requirements or depending on destination. We deliver within Sweden, the EU and to most countries outside Europe.


Customs documents are established for tansport outside Sweden, customs costs are specified on invoice.


Invoice is sent to customer by country mail or email. Invoice to us sends as PDF to invoice@hamex.se

Payment methods

Invoice is paid according to agreed payment method in the quotation. 30 days net or prepayment or debt collection.


If the product is damaged in transport or deviates from specification, the customer can contact us. Note, in order for us to verify the deviation, we need to have the product returned to us.

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